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Inspection and Testing

Why do I need somebody to do inspection and testing?

If you find that you seem to be getting a lot of electrical issues over a time then it might be a good idea to get an MOT done on your electrical installation. Not only for peace of mind but it will also highlight any areas that could do with attention. A common occurance is poor earth or worse evenElectrical Inspection Testing a missing earth on parts of the system. With a non-existant earth conductor part of  or the whole of a ciruit may not be protected by the RCD (Protects against shock). A full test will show this.

Are you a landlord?

If you rent out a multiple occupency property you are required by law to carry out a EICR (electrical installation condition report) every five years.
You are legally obliged to make sure that all appliances you provide are covered by the CE marking.
It is also your resposibility to ensure that all sockets, light fittings, switches, etc are safe for the whole term of the tennancy.
Those points above are just some of the reasons that you might need to call Wycombe Electrical to arrange an inspection and test of your electrical installation.

Electrical Additions and Alterations

There are always small electrical jobs around the house that seem simple enough. An extra socket, different lights in the lounge, a socket in the shed.... The list can go on and on.

We are available and ready to carry out these jobs for you, safely and within accordance to part P of the building regulations.Electrical fault finding and rectification in Beaconsfield
Many of these little electrical jobs around the house require you or the person carrying out the work to notify the local building control on completion.
Make sure your home is safe and always get a competant person to carry out all alterations to your electrical installation.
Some of the things we come across are anough to give you nightmares but we always find them and put them right.
If you need extra sockets or you want to replace all of the lighting in your home for LED lighting give us a call at Wycombe Electrical.

Electrical Fault Rectification

Fault Rectification -

When an electrical problem develops in your property it can be an annoyance at best and very distressing at worst. When circuit breakers trip it is annoying but they are tripping for a very good reason.

If you lose one circuit, for example all of the lights upstairs. This will generally point to an MCB tripping. The indication here is that the fault is within this particular circuit and is likely to be a dead short circuit or an overload of the circuit which is unlikely with todays low load lighting. When a circuit is overloaded it means that the cable feeding it is not rated or capable of carrying the current which is being pulled through it. If the protection of the MCB is not present it could very possibly result in excessive heating of the cable of possibly result in a fire. MCBs are a GOOD thing

If you lose more than one circuit, say... Lighting downstairs, sockets upstair, heating, etc. This will indicate normally indicate that an RCD has tripped. This, although a disruption is a very good safety feature and will normally point to an accessory or appliance developing an earth fault. Domestic electrical fault findingThis could mean that an electrical appliance for example a washing machine, a kettle, etc could have current running through the external conductive body. The RCD will detect this and cut the power so as to protect you from receiving and electric shock.

These safety features which are present in modern fuseboards (CCU) are there to protect you and your property. They are a GOOD thing.

When the electricians at Wycombe Electrical attend these kinds of issues we have the experience and skillset to isolate the offending circuit and get your other circuits back on quickly. Leaving us to quickly trace our way to the problem and get your fault rectified.

We always do our best to leave your property in a clean and tidy condition when we complete our work.

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Why should I switch to LED lighting

One thing we are seeing more and more of recently in the industry is complete replacement of lighting to LED lighting, Why might this be?LED lighting High Wycombe

When LED lamps came onto the open market they were very expensive compared to the usual halogen lamps. They also took forever to warm up and weren't very good when used dimmer modules.

LED lighting installation beaconsfieldHow things have changed! LED lamps today are fantastic. They light up immediately, giving off plenty of light (lumens). Together with the price coming down considerably they have become a very real contender on the lighting stage.

For years now we have all had halogen lamps fitted into our recessed down lights, great. But have you noticed just how hot these things get? What about dying lamps? They have always been prone to a short life and this is due to the heat that dissipates from them during use. So maybe it’s time to have a count up and replace the lamps per room.

Modern LED lighting has very low energy consumption. On average they use a tenth of the energy that an equivalent output halogen lamp uses. This is a potential saving of 90% on your running costs. Halogen lamps emit approximately 30% of the consumed energy as light as opposed to LED lamps emitting up to 80% as light. This is why you can swap a 40 watt halogen with a 4 watt LED.

LED down lights - High Wycombe and Beaconsfield

The heat given off over the top of a fitting using halogen lamps is extremely hot. One of the common causes of lighting circuit issuesReplace halogen lighting with LED lighting in High Wycombe and surrounding areas is cables laying across the top of the light fitting and literally being burnt. This can be dangerous for obvious reasons but can also require expensive repair work to be carried out.

Here is a table which is not conclusive as technologies are changing very fast but the figures should give you a good idea of the differences in cost and energy consumption between the two technologies.

As one of the leading LED lighting installers in High Wycombe, we aim to cater for every requirement, however small. Just give us a call and have a chat about your options.

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