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Ethernet Cabling

Todays modern home is a connected home. We have more and more devices connected to the internet and the local network (LAN),Ethernet network points
The advent of 2.4Gz wireless has enabled us to connect all of our devices wirelessly which is an absolute godsend.
A downside that comes with this is that with each additional device sending and receiving data the internal wifi becomes more busy and subsequently slower. Hardwired network points will allow fast direct access to your router.
Wycombe Beaconsfield Data CablingLately more and more people are working from home part or all of the week. When participating in Zoom calls cabled network points throuought the property will ensure rthe best possible connection from within the propertyThe computer in your home office is likely to need priority.
How can we make sure that the network traffic created by your childrens streaming videos, online games, etc is not hampering the productivity in your office?

Home Ethernet Wiring Services

Hard wired network points.
One solution could be to identify which devices are putting the most demand on the wifi and install hardwired direct connections for them. These would most likely be smart TVs, desktop computers and games consoles.
If you would like to discuss the possibility of having hardwired network points installed in your property or office then give us a call at Wycome Electrical and we will be happy to run through the options available to you and discuss what would be involved.
 Home network cabling to improve Zoom callsDomestic Network Cabling
We can help you to add more wifi access points in order to access the wifi network more robustly throughout your home or business premises. One of the main issues that is becoming more and more common these days is connectivity in garden rooms.

Complete Electrical Rewire

Wycombe Electrical Ltd are your go-to source for all things electrical in your property. If you're looking for professional, reliable and experienced electricians to rewire your property, you've come to the right place.

Why Choose Wycombe Electrical Ltd for Property Rewires?

As a property owner, you know how important it is to have a safe and efficient electrical installation. A property rewire is necessary when the cabling in your property becomes outdated, damaged, or unsafe. At Wycombe Electrical Ltd, we understand the importance of having a properly functioning electrical installation, and we're here to help.

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, our team of certified electricians has the knowledge and expertise needed to handle any property rewire project. Our electritions use only good quality, certified materials and tools to ensure that your property is rewired to the highest standard.

Our Property Rewire Process-

Our property rewire process involves a comprehensive approach to ensure that every aspect of your electrical installation is properly addressed. We follow the British Standard BS 7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations) to ensure your property meets the latest safety regulations.

Our property rewire process involves the following steps:

    Initial Consultation - We will schedule an initial consultation to assess your property and discuss your requirements, giving you tips on things you may have overlooked.

    Planning and Design - We will plan and design a new electrical installation that meets your needs and complies with current safety standards.

    Rewiring - Once the plan is approved, we will commence work, which involves replacing old cabling, upgrading sockets and switches with correct positioning, etc, and installing new electrical equipment.

    Testing and Certification - After the rewiring is completed, we will carry out extensive testing to ensure that your property's electrical installation is functioning safely and efficiently. We will then provide you with an electrical installation certificate to confirm that your property meets the required standards. We will also notify your local building control office of all works carried out and issue with a building control compliance certificate also.

Why Choose Wycombe Electrical Ltd for Property Rewires?

    Experienced and certified electricians
    Compliant with the latest safety standards
    Comprehensive rewiring process
    Use of latest technology and tools
    Post-rewire support

Contact Us Today

Don't wait any longer to rewire your property. Contact Wycombe Electrical Ltd today to schedule an initial consultation with us. We will work with you to create a comprehensive rewiring plan that meets your needs and budget.

Wycombe Electrical have carried out many, many electrical rewires in High Wycombe and nearby regions so we are fully aware of what to look out for, what to expect and how to get around problems.
We always put the property back together once we have our new cables in place and clean up thoroughly behind us.
Where repairs are required to plaster, ceilings, etc, we have a trusted team that we can call on to carry out finishing repairs for you.
A rewire on a three bedroom semi-detached property will generally take around two weeks from start to finish.