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Ethernet Cabling

Todays modern home is a connected home. We have more and more devices connected to the internet and the local network (LAN),Ethernet network points
The advent of 2.4Gz wireless has enabled us to connect all of our devices wirelessly which is an absolute godsend.
A downside that comes with this is that with each additional device sending and receiving data the internal wifi becomes more busy and subsequently slower.
Wycombe Beaconsfield Data CablingSometimes there is a need to give one particular device priority over the others. The computer in your home office is likely to need priority.
How can we make sure that the network traffic created by your childrens streaming videos, online games, etc is not hampering the productivity in your office?
Hard wired network points.
One solution could be to identify which devices are putting the most demand on the wifi and install hardwired direct connections for them. These would most likely be smart TVs, desktop computers and games consoles.
If you would like to discuss the possibility of having hardwired network points installed in your property or office then give us a call at Wycome Electrical and we will be happy to run through the options available to you and discuss what would be involved.
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