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Electrical Fault Rectification

Fault Rectification -

When an electrical problem develops in your property it can be an annoyance at best and very distressing at worst. When circuit breakers trip it is annoying but they are tripping for a very good reason.

If you lose one circuit, for example all of the lights upstairs. This will generally point to an MCB tripping. The indication here is that the fault is within this particular circuit and is likely to be a dead short circuit or an overload of the circuit which is unlikely with todays low load lighting. When a circuit is overloaded it means that the cable feeding it is not rated or capable of carrying the current which is being pulled through it. If the protection of the MCB is not present it could very possibly result in excessive heating of the cable of possibly result in a fire. MCBs are a GOOD thing

If you lose more than one circuit, say... Lighting downstairs, sockets upstair, heating, etc. This will indicate normally indicate that an RCD has tripped. This, although a disruption is a very good safety feature and will normally point to an accessory or appliance developing an earth fault. Domestic electrical fault findingThis could mean that an electrical appliance for example a washing machine, a kettle, etc could have current running through the external conductive body. The RCD will detect this and cut the power so as to protect you from receiving and electric shock.

These safety features which are present in modern fuseboards (CCU) are there to protect you and your property. They are a GOOD thing.

When the electricians at Wycombe Electrical attend these kinds of issues we have the experience and skillset to isolate the offending circuit and get your other circuits back on quickly. Leaving us to quickly trace our way to the problem and get your fault rectified.

We always do our best to leave your property in a clean and tidy condition when we complete our work.

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