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Electrical Additions and Alterations

There are always small electrical jobs around the house that seem simple enough. An extra socket, different lights in the lounge, a socket in the shed.... The list can go on and on.

We are available and ready to carry out these jobs for you, safely and within accordance to part P of the building regulations.Electrical fault finding and rectification in Beaconsfield
Many of these little electrical jobs around the house require you or the person carrying out the work to notify the local building control on completion.
Make sure your home is safe and always get a competant person to carry out all alterations to your electrical installation.
Some of the things we come across are anough to give you nightmares but we always find them and put them right.
If you need extra sockets or you want to replace all of the lighting in your home for LED lighting give us a call at Wycombe Electrical.

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