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Why should I switch to LED lighting

One thing we are seeing more and more of recently in the industry is complete replacement of lighting to LED lighting, Why might this be?led lamps High Wycombe

When LED lamps came onto the open market they were very expensive compared to the usual halogen lamps. They also took forever to warm up and weren't very good when used dimmer modules.

led lamps beaconsfieldHow things have changed! LED lamps today are fantastic. They light up immediately, giving off plenty of light (lumens). Together with the price coming down considerably they have become a very real contender on the lighting stage.

For years now we have all had halogen lamps fitted into our recessed down lights, great. But have you noticed just how hot these things get? What about dying lamps? They have always been prone to a short life and this is due to the heat that dissipates from them during use. So it has almost become the norm to have a count up and replace the lamps in chunks

Modern LED lighting has very low energy consumption. On average they use a tenth of the energy that an equivalent output halogen lamp uses. This is a potential saving of 90% on your running costs. Halogen lamps emit approximately 30% of the consumed energy as light as opposed to LED lamps emitting up to 80% as light. This is why you can swap a 40watt halogen with a 4watt LED.

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The amount of heat given off over the top of a fitting using halogen lamps can gett extremely hot. One of the common causes of lighting circuit issueshalogen lamps wycombe is cables laying across the top of the light fitting and literally being burnt. This can be dangerous for obvious reasons but can also require expensive repair work to be carried out.

Here is a table which is not conclusive as technologies are changing very fast but the figures should give you a good idea of the differences in cost and energy consumption between the two technologies.

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